Wednesday, 7 March 2012


This has to be one of the most influential of our artist, Jeffrey Meyer's work is so visually exciting with a senesce of sophisticated humour. His use of colour is so well thought through and draws the eye in instantly.This is the effect we want to present within our trend colour pallet.  
“The work seen in these prints – and all my collages – is created with paper and glue, meaning no digital composing. My interest in collage stems from a dissatisfaction with existing visual culture (advertising, propaganda, technical literature, even other art). I prefer ambiguity, humor, sublimity or solace where before there was only crassness, pandering, offense or mundanity. I have no preconceptions in mind when I sit down to work; I do have favorite themes and imagery, but I allow myself the freedom to make as many mistakes or false starts as I need to arrive at a finished image I find compelling. I hope others find the work interesting as well.”

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